Farmers’ Share of Food Spending Drops

For each dollar Americans spend on food, 14.6 cents go to farmers, according to the latest figures from USDA Economic Research Service. The report, using 2017 data, marks the sixth straight year farmers have earned a smaller share of domestic food spending.... READ MORE

Letter from Langdon: The ‘Maybe Disaster’ of Northwest Missouri

As flood debris festers in the spring sunshine, Congress and the state of Missouri can’t make up their minds whether to help – or even if there is a disaster. Meanwhile, the only thing getting repaired are the railroads.... READ MORE

Thomas, WV: The Town the Arts (Re) Built

The downtown of this town of 600 sat nearly vacant until a music venue and artists began to create a new economic future for the former coal town. A new guide from the National Association of Governors says arts and culture can be part of rebuilding economies in rural communities.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: In a Desert, Any Oasis Will Do

Rural “news deserts” are anything but arid. But the steady stream of information that flows into rural America isn't the kind that waters the roots of democracy.... READ MORE

Letter from Langdon: Notes from the Flood

Record-setting flooding in the Midwest may have disappeared from your national news feed, but for residents in the affected areas such as Richard Oswald in northwest Missouri, the story is still unfolding.... READ MORE

5 Years after Bundy Standoff: Social Media Inspires, Defines Militia Movement

Whether you view members of the ultra-right militia movement as armed extremists or modern-day patriots may depend on which YouTube videos or Facebook posts you see regularly. On the fifth anniversary of the Bundy standoff in Nevada, a journalism scholar shows a connection between right-wing militant groups and social media.... READ MORE

Logging by Copter: Flagstaff Invests Millions to Reduce Fire Risk on Mount Elden

With the threat of wildfires expected to be higher than normal this fire season, Flagstaff is trying to reduce the threat by logging with a helicopter. It’s an expensive undertaking. But Flagstaff residents in 2012 voted to tax themselves to raise the funds... READ MORE

From Dead Guys to Fireflies: Fast-Growing Tourism Doesn’t Always Bring Joy

In the age of the internet, a tourism boon can quickly become a tourism bane. Colorado’s Frozen Dead Guy Days, Tennessee’s synchronous fireflies, and California’s Super Bloom deliver varying degrees of revenue and frustration for small towns.... READ MORE

Q&A: Science Group Calls Relocation of USDA Research Agencies ‘Irrational’

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is trying to move two USDA research agencies – the Economic Research Service and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture – out of Washington, D.C., and cut their funding in half. The proposals raise concerns from research advocacy organizations, including the Union of Concerned Scientists.... READ MORE


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