Research Report: Broadband Availability Raises Market Value of Rural Houses

A first-of-its-kind study finds that houses where broadband is available are worth more on the market than houses without broadband availability. But the returns for “super-fast” speeds are lower than those for just having some type of faster Internet access available.... READ MORE

Half of Rural Counties Gain Jobs Since May 2018

Job growth continues to cluster in the nation’s largest cities. Only 5.5 percent of the 1.5 million jobs added from May 2018 to May 2019 were in nonmetropolitan counties.... READ MORE

Midwestern Agriculture flooding

Farming’s Economic Troubles Go Much Deeper than Floodwaters

Flooding and trade wars have intensified weaknesses that have long swirled under the media's radar. Recent crises remind many of  the worst days of the 1980s.... READ MORE

USDA Rural Development broken-bow-water-treatment

House Budget Rejects Trump’s Proposed Cuts for Rural Programs

The budget bill also blocks the Department of Agriculture from moving two research agencies from Washington, D.C., to the Kansas City region. But the Senate has yet to take up any budget legislation.... READ MORE

USDA Agency’s Relocation Could Affect Grantmaking Abilities, Union Says

Up to 70 percent of relocating workers at the National Institute of Food and Agriculture could leave the agency, the union reports. Last year the agency distributed $1.5 billion to universities and research projects around the country.... READ MORE

Senior Food Insecurity

Recession’s Impact Lingers for Food-Insecure Rural Seniors

“Despite an improving economy and financial markets, millions of seniors in the United States are going without enough food due to economic constraints,” says a new study on hunger among senior citizens.... READ MORE

Border to Border 2.0: Minnesota’s Broadband Reboot

Minnesota’s state broadband grant program has been praised as one of the nation’s best – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, according to the bill’s author.... READ MORE

Commentary: Creative Impulses Fuel Economy of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom

The percentage of people working in creative occupations and enterprises in northeast Vermont is nearly a third higher than the national average. Performance, culinary arts, and design are just some of the sectors that contribute to the local economy, according to a new report.... READ MORE

‘Speak Up, Rural America,’ Say Small-Town Business Consultants

A pair of rural development specialists say they want to hear what your small community needs to thrive. The informal Survey of Rural Challenges is open through July 30.... READ MORE


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