Speak Your Piece | Go for the Vacation, Stay for the Worker Subsidy

Vermont is offering $10,000 to workers who move with their remote job to the state. It’s part of larger efforts in Northern New England to attract more young people. ... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece | Why Your Hospital Bill Is Too High – Or Too Low

Medical billing systems drive up the cost of commercial health insurance. One way to ease that strain is to get more low-income people on Medicaid.... READ MORE

How Do You Reinvent a Rural Economy? $100 at a Time

“Explore Elkin” takes small individual investments and parlays them into bigger returns for the old mill town of Elkin, North Carolina. Instead of a pop and a fizzle, the program has created a slow burn of special events, marketing, and accurate self-promotion.... READ MORE

Rural And Reluctant About Rehab

When injury, illness or aging make life harder, rehabilitation services can help, if you can overcome the first hurdle — living in a rural area.... READ MORE

Rural ‘Recreation Counties’ Show More Population Resilience

From 2010-16 nonmetropolitan America lost population. But counties that have recreation economies (hiking, whitewater, climbing, four-wheeling, etc.) grew slightly over the same period, according to a new report from Headwaters Economics.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece | Small-Town Snapshot: Evenings in Williams, Arizona

Tourists and locals alike cruise the Main Drag in this Grand Canyon-gateway town. With plenty of neon, this section of Route 66 isn’t about to fade into history.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece | Local Newspaper Closures Polarize Voters, Choke Political Progress

Residents are less informed, less engaged in their communities and less influential with their legislators in cities where polarized national news sources are replacing shuttered local newspapers.... READ MORE

Long-Term Population Loss Affects One Third of Rural Counties

A century of change is depopulating large swaths of the Great Plains, rural South, and Appalachia. The rural counties that are growing tend to be closer to cities or have features that attract tourists and retirees.... READ MORE

Q&A: ‘Bridge Builder’ Says Dialogues Should Not Shy Around Rural Fears

Anna Claussen has helped rural communities talk productively about contentious topics like climate change. Now she’s forming an organization to help her expand that work.... READ MORE


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