‘D’ Is for Disadvantage: Democrats Have an Identity Problem in Rural

Democrats are losing rural votes not because of what they propose but because rural voters identify more with the Republican Party. "Democratic" ballot initiatives do well in rural, but Democratic candidates don't.... READ MORE

Letter from Langdon: Missouri Dislikes Democrats but Likes Their Policies

The Show Me State elected a Republican U.S. senator and, by roughly the same margins, turned around and approved ballot initiatives that reform elections, raise the minimum wage, and legalize medical marijuana.... READ MORE

Likely Closure of Coal-fired Power Plant Bringing Dramatic Change to Navajo Nation

Navajo leaders are scrambling to find a new owner for the Navajo Generating Station, which pays better than any other job on the Navajo Nation. Hopi Tribe officials have asked the federal government to buy electricity from the plant to avoid a shutdown.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: To Win Rural America, Dems Must Lean into Progressive Policies

Rural voters support progressive policies. So why aren’t Democrats winning there? Democrats are letting three rural stereotypes kill their chances of winning a majority in the Senate.... READ MORE

Left Behind: The Midterm View from Iowa

When rural voters read of booming urban economies, record stock market highs and low unemployment, it didn't match observations of their communities. That energized them to participate in the electoral process, which in Iowa starts up again....now.... READ MORE

Rural Margins Diverge in Republican, Democratic Gubernatorial Wins

In states where Republicans won close governors’ races, rural GOP support was a big part of the pattern. The Democrats who won gubernatorial races in Wisconsin and Kansas made rural more of a contest and protected their metropolitan advantages.... READ MORE

One Goes R and One Goes D: Two ‘Most Rural’ House Districts Flip

Democrats defeated an incumbent Republican in the rural New York’s 19th district. Republicans returned the favor in a rural district with an open seat in Minnesota. Maine’s rural congressional districts has yet to be decided.... READ MORE

In High-Profile Senate Races, Winning Republicans Run up Big Rural Numbers

With few exceptions, Democrats failed to generate support outside the largest metropolitan areas in the closest Senate races.... READ MORE

Opioid Marketing Unintentionally Protected Rural Black Region

Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of Oxycontin, put the sales pressure on doctors who already wrote more opioid prescriptions. That steered the pill away from black, rural counties and toward regions with greater numbers of whites. A noticeably lower overdose rate across the rural Deep South may be one result.... READ MORE

Miss. Project Builds on Cultural Strengths to Develop Economy

Nonprofit leaders hope business training for “creatives” in northwest Mississippi will help communities build wealth and regain control of their future.... READ MORE


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