Analysis: Opioid Crisis Shows Partnering with Industry Can Be Bad for Public Health

The interests of pharmaceutical companies and public health are not the same. Industry dollars can distort research agendas, while framing health challenges and solutions in ways that benefit corporations.... READ MORE

Contrary to What You Hear, the Rural-Urban Gap Didn’t Grow in 2018 Election

Despite stories about the “deepening divide” between rural and urban, the difference between major-city voters and rural voters changed very little in last year’s election. In fact, Democrats made a 4-point comeback with rural voters in 2018.... READ MORE

Members of Oglala Lakota Tribe Question ‘Voluntourism’ and Church-Based Charities

The Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota is the "poster child" for charities raising money for projects in Indian Country. The tribal government would like more assurances that the funds are being used for their stated purposes, while others worry that church-based social programs are really about proselytizing and suppressing Native religion.... READ MORE

For Third Straight Year, Trump Proposes Massive USDA Cuts

The Trump administration’s latest budget recommendation for USDA looks a lot like proposals that failed to pass a Republican-controlled Congress for two years running. With Democrats now at the helm in the House, it’s doubtful the third time will be the charm for the president’s goal of creating big funding cuts for USDA.... READ MORE

How Fast Is Rural Internet? Consumers Are Asked to Fill in the Gaps

Three national groups combine their resources to create a new app to measure broadband speeds around the country. All they need now is you and your smart phone.... READ MORE

‘Historical Trauma’: Native communities grapple with missing and murdered women

A complex legal process and a lack of acknowledgment have led Native women to advocate for their missing and murdered indigenous sisters.... READ MORE

Writing News about the People You Know

The closeness of small towns means that local journalists are likely to know more than the “who, what, when, and where” of their news subjects. For writer Sara Millhouse, the challenge of living with the people she covers is part of the job. An upcoming murder trial – her first – may be a special test.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece – The Star Student with a Drug Problem

The stigma of drug addiction means people in small towns may keep secrets to themselves – until it’s obvious something is wrong. Fighting addiction means talking honestly about the problems confronting our rural communities.... READ MORE

Online Portal Seeks to Decrease Rural Health ‘Philanthropy Gap’

A federal agency and national association have commissioned a toolkit to help groups raise more money for rural health-related projects. The creators hope a rising tide in funding will lift all boats.... READ MORE


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