Clean Energy Jobs Dominate Market in Midwest, Report Says

Jobs in the renewable-energy sector are a bright spot in the rural economy, according to the report from an environmental advocacy group. Jobs are growing in the clean-energy sector more quickly than in any part of the rural economy.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Is Airbnb Killing the Rural Rental Market?

Property owners say they can generate more profit and fewer headaches by renting to vacationers instead of local residents. The boom in short-term rentals could have some long-term consequences in the rural housing market.... READ MORE

Telehealth Changes Will Increase Rural Broadband Demand

New federal policies will make it easier for Americans to use telehealth. Rural communities should be looking for ways to leverage the new demand into better internet connections at home.... READ MORE

One Book, Two Nebraskas? Author Sees ‘Deeply Troubling Trend’ in Governor’s Decision

Nebraska Governor Pete Rickets refused to sign the customary proclamation for the annual “One Book One Nebraska” reading program this year. The governor hasn’t read the book, This Blessed Earth by Ted Genoways, but he has read some of Genoways’ posts on social media. The governor’s snub is part of a pattern of intimidating Nebraskans for ideas they’ve posted on social media, says the author.... READ MORE

Rural Investments Could Be the Next ‘Big Opportunity,’ Former USDA Official Says

Rural America’s slow recovery from the Great Recession isn’t entirely bad news, says the founder of the Rural Opportunity Initiative. For smart public and private investors, it could provide a chance to get ahead of the pack.... READ MORE

Analysis: Drug Resistance In Animal Farming Could Mean a Fight Against Urban Elites

Farmers are more than technicians who merely implement the "best practices" that are defined in the lab or in the boardroom. If we want food policy that works, farmers have to have a place at the table.... READ MORE

Climate Disasters by Region rural climate change

Rural’s Connection to Environment Means Bigger Climate-Change Impact

Mainstays of rural American culture and economy – such as timber, agriculture, tourism, ranching, hunting, fishing, winter sports – could see major disruptions from climate change. The impact will be big enough to disrupt the national economy, a federal report says.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: The ‘Hard Truths’ of Dismissing Rural Philanthropy

Rural communities are creative and resourceful when it comes to community development. They have to be. Foundations that avoid rural investment are missing opportunities for innovation and success.... READ MORE

Storm Lake Author Art Cullen

Review | Storm Lake: A Study in Rural Resilience, Diversity and Hope

The small city of Storm Lake, Iowa, is full of surprises. Its population grows with each Census. Its public-school students speak 23 languages. It still has two newspapers, one of which won a Pulitzer Prize. Art Cullen shows the complexity of today’s rural America in the book Storm Lake.... READ MORE


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