Editor’s Note: Rural America and a Tale of Two Columnists

Last week’s New York Times columns by Paul Krugman and David Brooks offer textbook examples of the unhelpful frames that define our conversation about rural America.... READ MORE

Analysis: New Funding and Technology Available for Opioid Treatment

The Department of Agriculture is emphasizing opioid-abuse treatment in a grant program that supports telemedicine. The next deadline is April 15. Meanwhile, a vendor releases a free version of their software, which provides telemedicine applications.... READ MORE

Midwest Flooding Hits Hard — Aging Infrastructure Bears the Brunt

As floodwaters recede in the first areas hit by flooding in the Midwest, residents are eager to start cleanup. For farmers, the damage comes when livestock is vulnerable and the ag market is soft.... READ MORE

Rural people with disabilities struggle to recover from the recession

Rural counties have struggled to return to pre-recession employment. That challenge has been even more difficult for rural people with disabilities.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Voting Corruption in the N.C. 9th

After years of voter-suppression activities posing as combatting fraud, North Carolina’s real-life voter corruption case shows you what actual fraud looks like. Hint: It’s not about fake IDs, felons, and unregistered voters. It’s about mainstream political operatives gaming the system wholesale.... READ MORE

A Healthy Attitude – Rural Leaders in Tenn. County Organize to Address Well-Being

Grundy County, Tenn., ranks near the bottom of the state in the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps. But that hasn’t stopped the small county from initiating a top-tier response to improving community health. In the new rankings released today, the county improves its position from a last-place 95th to 93rd.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Small-Town Relationships Yield Big-Time Results

"How do we bridge our divides and why does it matter? Those are the questions my Lenten-self wants to wrestle with and I don’t expect we’ll find the answers within the realm of making better, more persuasive arguments for one side or the other." _ Whitney Kimball Coe... READ MORE

Analysis: Opioid Crisis Shows Partnering with Industry Can Be Bad for Public Health

The interests of pharmaceutical companies and public health are not the same. Industry dollars can distort research agendas, while framing health challenges and solutions in ways that benefit corporations.... READ MORE

Contrary to What You Hear, the Rural-Urban Gap Didn’t Grow in 2018 Election

Despite stories about the “deepening divide” between rural and urban, the difference between major-city voters and rural voters changed very little in last year’s election. In fact, Democrats made a 4-point comeback with rural voters in 2018.... READ MORE


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