Disappearing Farmland: Small-towns Trade Farmland for Residential Development

Urban sprawl began in the 1950s and has been a concern of city planners and the ag community since the early 1990s. But a new study from American Farmland Trust shows development around small towns across the Midwest has contributed nearly as much to the loss of ag land since 1992 as urban sprawl.... READ MORE

Rural Workers Get Fewer Benefits to Help with Elder Care

Ninety percent of the long-term care our elders receive comes from volunteers – family or loved ones who provide the care for free. For caregivers who also work a separate paying job, some workplace benefits might help make things easier. Rural workers are less likely to receive those types of benefits, a new study finds.... READ MORE

In N.C., a New Dividing Line: Before the Storm and After

Social media gives an all-too-accurate picture of hurricane’s destructive flooding. A former Eastern North Carolina resident watches closely – but from afar.... READ MORE

Competition Builds Cooperation for Urban-Rural Decathletes

Communities that appear to be on opposite sides of U.S. politics come together for the first-ever Super Decathlon pitting residents of Washington, D.C., against residents of Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Cooperation and team spirit are the winners.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Rural Lawyers’ Alliance Fills Needs, Creates Opportunities

An urban “glut” of new lawyers hides the fact that many rural communities lack legal expertise that could help them address personal and societal issues. One lawyer who returned to her rural roots from the big city is part of an effort to change that.... READ MORE

For Farmers, the Impact of Florence Will Linger for Years

While the storm strikes and when recovery begins, we’ll hear a lot about Hurricane Florence. But the toughest times for the region’s farmers will likely come long after the reporters and TV cameras have gone home. Scott Marlow, a “farm-crisis advocate” who has worked with farmers after 16 previous hurricanes, tells us what to expect and – just as important – when to expect it.... READ MORE

Rural Jobs Grow at Slower Pace than Metro for July 2018

Employment change continues to skew toward cities. Meanwhile, the poverty rate fell slightly in rural areas from 2016 to 2017, but median income remained flat.... READ MORE

Rural Childhood Contributes to Later Economic Success

Last year the Daily Yonder reported that children who grow up in rural areas have a better chance of earning more money later in life. A Penn State study confirms that report and tracks the impact of other factors affecting both urban and rural children.... READ MORE

Threatened Program Delivers Big Results, Conservationists Say

The Conservation Stewardship Program provides a 4 to 1 return on investment, according to a report from the Union of Concerned Scientists. The House version of the farm bill would eliminate the program.... READ MORE


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