Analysis: Poll Finds Rural Optimism Despite Economic Challenges

Many rural Americans face difficult economic circumstances. But three quarters of respondents in a new poll remain optimistic about the future. For people who know rural America, that's not necessarily a surprise.... READ MORE

ATV Riders Push Back after Report Calls for Banning Them from Adirondacks

An environmental group says ATVs threaten the ecosystem of New York's Adirondack Park. ATV supporters say better enforcement of existing rules will protect the park and make riding more enjoyable for everyone.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Event on Opioid Crisis O.D.’s on Glibness

An online news service that calls media “a scam” and a pharmaceutical company making money off addiction treatment join forces to present a “conversation” on the opioid epidemic. Instead of a conversation, says journalist Jan Pytalski, we got a marketing stunt that undermines both public policy and journalism.... READ MORE

Opinion: What Are Leaders Doing for Farmers? Not Much

The authors: "Farmers deserve a better farm policy than living on hope."... READ MORE

Letter from Langdon: Monopoly Forever

Monopolies have consumed American food production. The only competition in the agricultural marketplace is farmer against farmer.... READ MORE

Filling a Journalism Niche in Maquoketa, Iowa

Print journalist Sheri Melvold put her reporting skills on the air at her town’s locally owned radio station. The result is a professional talk show unlike any other in the world: an informative forum about Maquoketa and Jackson County, Iowa.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Who You Callin’ Metropolitan?

Every single resident of Bracken County, Kentucky, is “rural,” according to the Census Bureau. So why does this county of 8,500 people generally get lumped in with the nation’s largest metropolitan areas when the Daily Yonder and others study economic trends? A “rural” resident of the “major metropolitan area” argues for more nuance in how we talk about rural.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Rural Strength and Possibility

Smart and effective community development financial institutions are investing in the success of rural America. The results contradict arguments that America should write off everyone who lives outside large cities.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Confront the New Threat of Technology with an Old Idea

The economic disruption of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics could steal jobs and wealth from American communities. To make sure more than just a few people prosper from the change, we need a technology training program like the Extension Service to give communities more control of their own economic future.... READ MORE


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