When Generations Work Together, We’re All Better for It

In our churches, neighborhoods and offices, intergenerational cooperation is at the heart of meaningful and productive lives.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Building Community through Unlikely Connections

In a region with plenty of second homes, an urbanite finds that local friendships  can be first class.... READ MORE

Trahant Reports: In Idaho Primary, a String of ‘First Evers’

Paulette Jordan becomes the first Native American woman to win a major-party nomination for governor in Idaho.... READ MORE

Distance, Language Can Still Pose Challenge to Native American Voting

Voting access for Native Americans has improved. But major challenges still exist, including language barriers, lack of access to polling places and government services that can ease the voting process.... READ MORE

Volatile Dairy Market Leaves Farmers in Lurch

Farmers look to government and consumers to solve a perfect storm of problems. Some groups are also looking for additional markets in the Northeast to fill the void left when Dean Foods canceled 100 dairy farmer contracts... READ MORE

Rural Assembly: Faith-Based Groups Look toward Root Causes of Social Problems

Panel seeks to help leaders see beyond immediate community needs to identify ways they could contribute to long-term change.... READ MORE

Recreation Is Bigger Share of U.S. Economy than Ag or Mining, Report Says

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says a new federal report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis will help leaders in the recreation industry “hire, invest and grow.”... READ MORE

Who Is the Ally Barnes in Your Community?

Where some folks see problems, Ally Barnes of Sarcoxie, Missouri, sees opportunity. Her job is to help her community see its own potential. And we all need some of that.... READ MORE

‘Blue Wave’ Has Been a Trickle Outside Largest Cities

The only place Democrats rack up big wins is in the core counties of the nation’s largest cities. Everywhere else, it’s either a close race or a runaway victory for Republicans. The trend is pronounced and has been accelerating since 2010.... READ MORE


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