Workers from the Ledcor Group, who received money from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act  for broadband expansion, install cable linking Iguigig and Levelock, Alaska with fibre cable.

Community Anchor Institutions: Broadband to the People

Community gathering spots like libraries, schools, and clinics are key for delivering affordable access to high-speed Internet for rural residents and other Americans. But these institutions won’t have the speed we need without changes in public policy.... READ MORE

A pharmacy technician at L&S Pharmacy in Charleston, Missouri, holds a bottle of oxycodone. Photo by Bram Sable-Smith/Side Effects Public Media/KBIA

Letter from Langdon: A Prescription for Disaster

Missouri’s lack of an opioid-monitoring program puts residents at greater risk for abuse and addiction, Vilsack and McCaskill say during USDA even.... READ MORE

Two faculty members in the Department of Agricultural Systems and Education at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, test fly  a drone in a corn field. Photo by Russell Bailey

New Drone Rules Could Make Monitoring Crops Easier

The Federal Aviation Administration new rules on commercial drones change the way farmers monitor the health and water needs of their crops.... READ MORE

Photo by Lance Booth.

In the Black: Black Gold Festival, Part One

No matter which coal company you work for, some things are the same from mine to mine: hard work, heavy equipment, and a co-worker who’s a braggart who still lives with his momma.... READ MORE

GMO labeling comes to a head. Photo by Jason Redmond/Reuters

Policy Pennings: GMO Issues Go Beyond Labeling

Congress may hope that its recent GMO-labeling law will prevent states from passing their own laws to requiring labels on genetically modified products. But this might just be the first skirmish in a much longer war.... READ MORE

Wreckage of United Airlines Flight 409 still sits on the mountain. Photo via

Remembrance of Medicine Bow Tragedy Leads Forest Service to Issue Visitor Publication

In 1955, United Airlines Flight 409 came within 75 feet of clearing Medicine Bow Peak in Wyoming. The plane crash on the highest point in the Snowy Mountains killed all 66 people aboard. Sixty years later, popular interest in the event remains strong, prompting the U.S. Forest Service to issue a historical brochure on the air tragedy.... READ MORE

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is rumored to be on the short list of Vice Presidential nominees.

Politics & Elections: Vilsack for VP?

As we near the Democratic National Convention, rumors fly about who Hillary Clinton will choose as her running mate. One name in the air is Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Also, one more thing to blame on millennials: the rural/urban age gap.... READ MORE

Rural immigrants often have to travel great distances to complete the naturalization process.

Rural America’s Long Road to Citizenship

With immigration offices few and far between, rural residents seeking naturalization must go to great lengths to obtain citizenship. The costs in time and transportation could discourage eligible residents from seeking to become citizens, says one Iowa applicant.... READ MORE

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.37.40 PM

Puerto Ricans Are Most Food-Insecure Group among U.S. Hispanics

Hispanic households as a group are more likely to have trouble providing a year-round, adequate diet for every member of the family. But that aggregated number disguises significant differences in how Hispanic groups are faring in the United States.... READ MORE


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