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Stolen Fame: Willie Little’s Last Ride

Willie Little steals a police cruiser that was supposed to take him to jail and tears down a mountain highway into YouTube fame -- and a 40-year prison sentence. With the help of the car's dashboard camera, Little inadvertently creates a transfixing piece of cinema verité.... READ MORE

Philan Tree. Photo by Shawn Poynter/Daily Yonder

Bringing People Together: Young Leader Bridges Gap Between Local, National

While serving in her home region of rural northern Arizona, Philan Tree has also found ways to share her experience with national policymakers. She encourages national decision makers to keep an open mind and remember that cookie-cutter approaches don't work well in rural America.... READ MORE

Farmworker Santos V. gets help reading a letter about his ACA insurance coverage from Ana Beltran, an N.C. Farmworkers’ Project farmworker educator. (Photo by  Brenda Porter-Rockwell, North Carolina Health News)

‘Assisters’ Help Migrant Farmers Sign up for Health Insurance During Grace Period

When migrant farmers enter the U.S. with an H-2A work visa, the clock starts ticking on a 60-day period in which they can enroll in an insurance plan, even though they've missed the open enrollment period. In central North Carolina, an alliance of social service, healthcare, and legal aid groups are helping immigrants who pay federal taxes and have a visa beat the clock and get registered.... READ MORE

Justin Maxson, executive director of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation. Photo by Shawn Poynter

Bringing People Together: Rural Is ‘Different,’ Not ‘Less’

A foundation executive says some philanthropies may use questions of "capacity" as an excuse not to fund projects in rural America. But in the long run, he says, urban-based philanthropies need rural constituencies to make a difference at the national level.... READ MORE

American Avocet chicks surround an adult in the 
Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon.  Federal land payments made up more than a quarter of Harney County's budget in 2012. Credit: Barbara Wheeler,

Speak Your Piece: Reforms Would Reverse Urban Bias in Federal-Lands Payments

Small, vulnerable counties will suffer the most from a plan to get rid of one type of federal support for counties that have national wildlife refuges. Instead of abolishing these payments, Congress can hold the line on spending by re-targeting funds to the counties that need them most.  ... READ MORE

Photo by Lance Booth.

In the Black: Paying Our Respects

The miners grieve for Lloyd, who survived the mines only to die in a car wreck two weeks before retirement. The funeral parlor is filled with miners, unrecognizable to each other in their clean shirts and bare heads.... READ MORE

An Appalachian mine's valley fill, mid-reclamation.

Speak Your Piece: A Homestead Act for Appalachia

To restore Appalachia, reconnect the region's greatest resources -- land and people. There's no better time than the present.... READ MORE

A 4th of July parade in Huntington, Oregon. Photo by Baker County Tourism/Flickr

How Big is Your Bubble?

The author of The Bell Curve has written a quiz that determines, to the best of his thinking, if you live in a class bubble. But do the results hold up for folks living in small towns. Take the quiz and let us know what you think.... READ MORE

Power lines, near Galena, Illinois. Photo by jelm6/Flickr

Speak Your Piece: Bring Power Back to the People

To serve the community, power cooperative boards need to reflect the community. A new report on Southern co-ops shows that women, African Americans, and Hispanics are vastly under-represented in these positions of authority.... READ MORE


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