Life & Limb: In Rural E.R., Exams Include the Obvious Questions, Like ‘Did You Get a Turkey?’

Besides serving as the one-stop shop for regular medical emergencies large and small, the rural E.R. also tackles problems unique to rural: bear-related hypertension, copperhead bites, tree-stand mishaps, plus a lack of specialized care and equipment. The Yonder's newest columnist, Dr. Edwin Leap, will see you now.... READ MORE

RS Fiber board members pose for a photo during a groundbreaking ceremony for a project in Sibley County, Minnesota.

Government, Business Get Together to Provide Broadband

If you think you know all the possible ways to broker a better broadband deal for your community, think again. Partnerships don’t have to be all or nothing. They can be some of each.... READ MORE

Photo by Lance Booth.

In the Black: One of the Gang

As Gary heads to his first refresher training courses as a certified mine foreman, he juggles his desire to move up with his need to fit in.... READ MORE


Get It Done: Vermont Skiing Project Snowballs into More Student Opportunities

When Stefanie Wilbur told the Orwell school board she wanted to take 102 kids skiing -- for free -- they thought she was crazy. But when the community responded, it was all downhill from there.... READ MORE

This 5G demo van was customized by Verizon and equipment partner Samsung.
Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

Speak Your Piece: New 5G Wireless Will Increase Need for Fiber, not Reduce It

Some folks wonder whether the newer, faster wireless convention of 5G will mean rural areas can skip expensive fiber networks. The answer is “no, that dog won’t hunt.” Like other blended systems, wireless 5G requires fiber to the neighborhood to be effective.... READ MORE

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos during her confirmation hearing.  Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

What Does Secretary DeVos Know about Rural Schools? Not Much, Say Advocates

A rural education advocate says the new Education secretary's suburban, billionaire background doesn't prepare her to deal with the nation's small, public schools. How much will she learn on the job?... READ MORE

A grain inspector looks at corn in the Mobile headquarters of the Alabama Federal State Inspection Service.

Letter from Langdon: Farmer Protections Are About as Strong as a Puny Pig in a Poke

After an eight-year delay, the Obama administration released new rules to help poultry and hog farmers stand up to corporate abuses. Better late than never? Not if the Trump administration has its way.... READ MORE

Gov. Bill Haslam announces legislation to increase broadband access to Tennessee's unserved citizens during a press conference in Antioch, Tennessee. Photo by Lacy Atkins/The Tennessean

Speak Your Piece: Tenn. Gov’s Internet ‘Accessibility’ Proposal Keeps Tight Limits

Governor Bill Haslam’s Tennessee Broadband Accessibility proposal sounds nice enough. But the measure maintains tight restrictions on municipal broadband while handing more freebies to incumbent telecommunications companies that have failed to deliver.... READ MORE

Photo by Lance Booth.

In the Black: With Time to Spare

The mine foreman exam covers subjects like ventilation, explosives, electrical, laws and regulations, and safety. To complete his exam, Gary has to pass one more section: driving at high speed on mountain roads.... READ MORE


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