Rural Communities Must Empower Youth

The future of rural America depends on attracting younger generations to make a life in smaller communities. That means listening to young people, responding to their interests, and sharing power.... READ MORE

Review of Sage-Grouse Agreement Could Turn Partners into Adversaries

A public-private agreement has managed to preserve the habitat of a threatened species while accommodating hunting, fishing, ranching, and energy development. Interior Secretary Zinke says he's revisiting the agreement. That could lead to the sage grouse qualifying as "endangered," which would mean a far less flexible approach to conservation.... READ MORE

Advocates to Fight Washington Team’s Name, Despite Court Ruling in Similar Case

A Supreme Court ruling in a separate case could affect the ability of advocates to block the Washington, D.C., NFL team from using its current nickname. Advocates say the fight is still on.... READ MORE

Renewable Energy’s Sweet Promise Comes with Some Bitter Pills for Rural Missouri

The growth of wind farming in Missouri creates green energy and less dependence on out-of-state- coal. But the impacts of turbines and transmission lines may also spark neighbor-to-neighbor, farmer-to-government, and rural-to-urban tensions.... READ MORE

Effective Rural Programs Are at ‘Grave Risk’

Public programs that invest in rural America reduce poverty and expand the economy, an economist tells the Senate ag committee. Senators must exercise leadership to preserve these effective programs.... READ MORE

The Rural Wisdom of Doing It Yourself

There’s a time to let others take the lead, and there’s a time to roll up your sleeves and break a sweat. DIY creates solutions for local problems and builds community confidence in the future.... READ MORE

With a 2018 Race Looming, McCaskill Stumps on Farm-Bill Issues in Missouri

Traveling with the ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) speaks and listens to constituents back home. This summer, she plans to hold town halls in small communities where a majority of voters went for Trump.... READ MORE

‘An Attack on One Monument Is an Attack on Them All’

Native Americans, hunting groups, Utah Republicans, and others respond to a Trump Administration recommendation that the U.S. remove protections from parts of Bears Ears National Historic Monument. Utah Senator Orin Hatch calls the proposal a “balanced” approach, while a Native American conservation group calls the recommendation “an illegal move to turn back the clock 100 years on tribal relations and Utah’s economy.”... READ MORE

Snake Bites and Swimming Holes

Snakes and chainsaws and sunburns, oh my! Along with the pleasures of summer activities come the dangers. Especially in rural areas, where hospitals are often further away than in the city. Here are some things to look out for when you're whooping it up out yonder.... READ MORE


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