Digital Access Gap Narrows for Rural but Still Remains 10 Points Behind Nation

Nearly two-thirds of rural adults say they have home broadband today, up from one third a decade ago, according to an annual Pew Center poll. While the access-rate climbed faster in rural areas, they still remain behind, even in higher-income households.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: The Economic Status of Rural America in the Trump Era

The president is scheduled to release a more detailed budget proposal this week that will include major cuts in USDA Rural Development and other programs affecting rural America and rural regions. Three economists argue that the federal government can improve its work in rural America without “breaking the bank.” To do so requires moving away from an “ag-only” emphasis and devoting more resources to evaluation.... READ MORE

Speak Your Piece: Dem. Report Calls For Connectivity, Job Training, Grant Writers

Share This: EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is excerpted from a report recently published by the ranking member of the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, Senator Martin Heinrich (D-New Mexico). The charge of the committee, composed of members from both houses of Congress, is to review economic conditions and make recommendations on policy. The complete report may be found online. +++ Addressing the challenges facing rural communities requires a comprehensive strategy that takes stock of the existing assets and needs in... READ MORE

A Peck on the Cheek for Industrial Agriculture

Do taxpayers need to be promoting GMO growers or is a new federal ad campaign a gift to big ag?... READ MORE

USDA RD Needs More Opportunities for Partnerships, Not a Reduction in Representation

An association of rural community development organizations calls for more attention to rural development, not less.... READ MORE

Georgia’s Investigations of Voters Disproportionately Focus on Rural

The case of Olivia Pearson, a small-town city commissioner who is being retried on voting-law violations, fits a statewide pattern in which rural Georgia voters account for a disproportionate share of the investigations by the State Elections Board. Poll-worker training is cited as a possible cause. For Pearson, her freedom and political office are on the line.... READ MORE

Fighting Rural Poverty Like Ike

PresidentEisenhower’s rural development  program, signed by Congress in 1955, leaned heavily of Cooperative Extension to give aid and education to small farmers struggling to make a living.... READ MORE

Today’s Most Innovative Farmers Are Getting Down to Earth, Says Soil Scientist

A global study of land and agricultural methods shows dramatic differences in soil quality between farms that employ some simple management tools and those that don’t. “Clever farmers” show how we can make healthier, more productive soil.... READ MORE

‘What Is the Impact on the Most Vulnerable Rural People?’

Rural advocates and political leaders respond to USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue’s announcement that he will eliminate the undersecretary position that oversees programs for rural housing, broadband, electricity, water treatment, and other services.... READ MORE


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