Funding and Staff Shortages Keep Rural Libraries Focused on the Basics

Like rural America in general, libraries serving small communities tend to have lower broadband speeds, a new report says. These libraries help fill the technology gap, but they tend to have older computers and fewer of them than urban libraries.... READ MORE

Quivira Coalition Celebrates 20th Birthday with Annual Conference

Ranchers, Farmers, Scientists and Conservationists collaborate for better land management, increased productivity, better habitat and cleaner water. Rally around their message of the “Radical Center” to accomplish their work in the rural Southwest.... READ MORE

FCC Vote Will Crush Rural Broadband and Entrepreneurship

Ending net neutrality will decrease competition, investment, and entrepreneurship  in rural America.... READ MORE

Jones Erodes Rural Margins to Win Alabama Senate Victory

Every county in Alabama – both urban and rural – swings toward the Democratic candidate in special election, compared to 2016.... READ MORE

A Double-Wide Helping of Stories

Families that gather for the holidays will invariably retell the tales they’ve told (and told) over the years. But even if you’ve heard that story before – or especially if you’ve heard that story before – pay attention. It’s telling you something bigger than the tale itself.... READ MORE

Young People Returning to Farming

A new survey of young farmers finds these entrepreneurs have plenty of energy and ambition, but not nearly enough capital. Access to land, student debt, costs of labor and healthcare raise big questions for the next generation of farmers.... READ MORE

Bill Proposed to Help Nursing Shortage

With a nursing shortage underway, and predicted to get worse in the coming years, a bill proposes to open our borders to 8,000 immigrant healthcare professionals and their families.... READ MORE

Getting Somewhere in Neutral

The topic of net neutrality provides an opportunity to talk about potentially contentious issues without triggering our fight or flight response. Perhaps there’s a lesson here all of us could apply to other public discussions.... READ MORE

High-Price Preservation? Conservation Group’s Purchase Protects Beloved Stream

A conservation trust generously overpaid for a privately owned inholding within Western North Carolina's Nantahala National Forest. Meanwhile, many more such islands of private land need the same attention.... READ MORE


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