Rural Assembly: Civic Courage in Uncertain Times

The 2018 gathering of the National Rural Assembly highlights the work of leaders who balance hope and uncertainty.... READ MORE

Through Pain and Suffering, She Fights for Love

Firestarter Diana Oestreich's experience as an Iraq War medic informs her effort to help families in Iraq and Syria rebuild from war.... READ MORE

On a Mission to Instill a Warrior Spirit in Young People

Firestarter Joe Marshall promotes the idea that we are all "warriors" with the responsibility to serve, provide and protect future generations.... READ MORE

Using ‘Radical Playfulness’ to Bring Communities Together

Firestarter Ashley Hanson and her cohorts use town-square theater, karaoke, bonfires and musicals to bring communities together and address civic problems. They find the process is cathartic... READ MORE

From Civil Rights Lawyer to a Run for NC Supreme Court

Firestarter Anita Earls tells Rural Assembly participants that democracy is threatened by the lack of inclusion in solving community problems.... READ MORE

Firestarter Magaly Licolli on Fighting for Immigrant Workers

Magaly Licolli says when you are advocating for worker rights, sometimes you have to stop worrying about being polite.... READ MORE

Waving a Pickle Jar, This Firestarter Advocates Small Successes First

David Toland suggests listening to community members and focusing on small accomplishments, like mowing some troublesome ditches or putting up stop signs, in order to create an atmosphere for larger successes, like building a new critical access hospital, as they did in Allen County, Kansas... READ MORE

Firestarter Liz Shaw on Leaving ‘Everything Better Than You Find It’

The 2018 National Rural Assembly's first Firestarter speaker launches a series focused on sparking change in rural communities.... READ MORE

Rural Assembly: Activists Live Out Theme of Civic Courage

In the New South, two voting rights advocates fight what they say are intentional efforts to exclude some groups of voters. Carol Blackmon and Anita Earls are two of the voices that will speak out at the 2018 National Rural Assembly this week.... READ MORE


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