Netflix Show ‘Ozark’ Casts Georgia Lake in Central Role

Except for the opening sequence, “Ozark” doesn’t feature the Missouri lake where the fictional show is set. Though the plotline argues that there’s only one Lake of the Ozarks, the producers apparently think one lake is pretty much like any other.... READ MORE

Wildfire Fix: Programs Should Shift from Suppression to Prevention, Advocates Say

In the rural West, wildfires strain government budgets. A coalition of organizations and a bipartisan group of legislators have identified a possible fix.... READ MORE

Broadband Analysis: Scrappy Wireless ISPs Get the Job Done

Rural areas don’t need to wait on expensive and hard-to-build fiber-to-the-home networks to start using broadband. In many cases, fixed wireless can provide a fast and affordable last-mile connection in underserved areas. And some communities are building the system themselves.... READ MORE

Poll Reveals What Americans Don’t Know about Food: A Lot

We don't trust experts, we're worried about safety, and we think we know a lot more than we actually do. Americans are confused about food and don't know where to get answers, according to a new "food literacy" poll.... READ MORE

Coming Out of the Shadows Has Been Worth It, ‘Dreamer’ Says

The Deferred Action on Children Arrivals (DACA) program gave immigrant Abraham Diaz the chance to learn, grow, and contribute to the only country he knows well enough to call home. Around the United States, as many as 100,000 rural young people are in the same situation.... READ MORE

For Some Rural Communities, History Project Gives a Last Chance to Share Their Stories

Just because a community is fading doesn’t mean its stories can’t stick around. The “Voices from Small Places” project at the University of Texas at Tyler documents the histories of communities of 100 or fewer residents. Now they are gearing up to teach others to do the same.... READ MORE

History Lies ‘Littered Across the Side of a Vandalized Hill’

Defiled graves and years of neglect can’t hide the affluence of the African American community that established the Red Hill Cemetery in Ware County, Georgia. Local leaders are attempting to rally the area around an effort to restore the landmark, which documents the little known history of a prominent black community in the Deep South.... READ MORE

Study Says New River Management Would Help Economy and Environment

The agencies that control the Pacific Northwest’s hydroelectric and flood-control dams could add $1.5 billion in economic activity if they changed their management plans. The report was issued as part of the run up to negotiating a new water-management treaty among Tribes, the Canadian government, and U.S. agencies.... READ MORE

Rural Populations Decline, Regional Patterns Shift

The number of people living in rural continues to slide, according to the latest population estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau. People have left rural America in decades past. The big difference now is that the number of births in rural areas isn't keeping pace with the number of deaths.... READ MORE


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