Foreign-Owned Companies Use American Wind-Energy Tax Break

The growth in wind-energy production in the Midwest is fueled in part by investments from foreign companies that have taken advantage of recession-recovery tax breaks.... READ MORE

Trump Administration Resurrects Mining Lease in N.E. Minnesota

Outdoor economy enthusiasts fear the impact of mining near the Boundary Waters, the “accessible” wilderness along the Canadian border. But backers say a copper and nickel mine would bring more jobs and opportunity.... READ MORE

How Much Are Students Improving in Your School District?

A massive new study shows which districts are having a bigger impact on student performance. The results might surprise you.... READ MORE

Slower Speeds, Less Access: The Public Agency Response to Rural Broadband

Public entities like the Federal Communications Commission and state legislatures are supposed to look after the common good. Instead, their policies are making things tougher for small towns and rural areas anxious to improve their connectivity.... READ MORE

Trump Tells Farm Bureau He’s Delivered for Rural America

In a speech to the 99th annual American Farm Bureau Federation's convention in Nashville, the president touts his record on regulations, taxes, and the flag. The White House task force releases report on rural prosperity in conjunction with the speech.... READ MORE

FCC Uses Bogus Data to Show Big Increases in Broadband Access

Across the country, the Federal Communications Commission wants millions of rural Americans to think they have broadband at home and the workplace – when they don’t. The self-reported claims of service are very convenient for large telecommunications companies, which might face more competition otherwise.... READ MORE

Number of Rural Home Mortgages Grows for 5th Straight Year

But rural America’s mortgage growth isn’t keeping pace with urban America’s, perhaps because of fewer refinance loans. Rural people of color continue to be far more likely to pay higher interest rates or be denied altogether, according to federal data.... READ MORE

Building on What You’ve Got

Rick Hall built an unlikely music industry in the town of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. It’s a textbook case of assets-based development.... READ MORE

Does Your Water Dog Need a Wetsuit?

An article by the New York Times' personal health columnist suggests that this winter your dog might need a coat and booties for the cold, ginger capsules for car sickness, and olive oil in its food to treat dry skin. It's a little different on the farm.... READ MORE


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