Tribal Leaders Tell Senators That Voting Barriers Are Widespread

Language, distance and mail-in ballot regulations prevent Native Americans from voting, say tribal leaders from Alaska to Massachusetts. One calls the impact “blatant discrimination.”... READ MORE

#Rural2pt0: Rural Renaissance and Digital Parity

The digital age has the potential to eliminate density and geographic proximity requirements that were so critical during the industrial age.... READ MORE

Analysis: All Wildfires are not Alike, but the U.S. is Fighting Them That Way

In cities we know how to keep houses from burning. We have to relearn that in areas where human developments mingle with forests. It will need to be a local task, not just a federal one.... READ MORE

In Memoriam: Ralph Paige’s History Lessons

By focusing on the rights of marginalized rural farmers in the South, Ralph Paige (1943-2018) had an impact on the nation as a whole.... READ MORE

Opinion: Two Rural Communities Cross the Political Divide

When Massachusetts and Kentucky residents from politically polar-opposite regions met, it was “love at first sight.”... READ MORE

America’s Fascination with the ‘Pistol-Packing Preacher’

The U.S. has the world's largest Christian population and highest rates of gun ownership. Perhaps it's inevitable that our culture is fascinated with the icons that personify both trends.... READ MORE

Rural by Choice: Seeing Another Side of the Story

In the midst of negative images of rural places, it’s easy to lose track of what’s good – or even great – about living in a small community.... READ MORE

Analysis: Why You Should Care About Undocumented Immigrants

Undocumented workers are an integral part of industries such as farming. Reducing our reliance on undocumented workers will have big impacts for farming communities and American consumers.... READ MORE

‘Looking for someone like me’

Junior college all-star JJ Nakai wants to bring fast-paced, pass-happy style of ‘Rez ball’ to the highest level of women’s basketball.... READ MORE


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