‘If You Care about Broadband, You Cannot Remain on the Sidelines’

Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn tells a rural connectivity summit in Ohio that Washington, D.C., decision makers need to hear from them. Now.... READ MORE

Help Wanted in the Vineyards

The nation’s harsh debate over immigration is reducing the labor supply in America’s vineyards. A drop in production could cost small wine-making communities thousands of jobs and billions of dollars.... READ MORE

High or Low Water, A Tug Boat Captain Makes the Assist

Neither high nor low water can keep tug boat captain Don Dixon from helping cargo barges navigate the tricky parts of the Mississippi River.... READ MORE

‘You’re Not Too Young to Learn How Your Country Works’

Young people know more than you might think about contentious public policy debates, such as the one raging around immigration. A South Texas teacher helps her students express their hopes and fears in letters to an elected leader. As the semester ends, the teacher writes her own letter – this one to her students encouraging them to keep learning how to be engaged and informed citizens.... READ MORE

Rural Households Twice as Likely to Have Guns

Rural and urban gun owners both cite personal safety as the primary reason for owning a weapon. Rural residents are more likely to own multiple guns and to see gun ownership as a personal freedom.... READ MORE

The Frontier Fights Back Against Healthcare Cuts

If America’s 2 million frontier residents lived in one city, they’d have a chance to make their voices heard in the Washington D.C. healthcare debate. Frontier Americans don’t need healthcare any less than anyone else. So why do lawmakers treat them as expendable?... READ MORE

Analysis: How Will Microsoft’s Investment Affect Rural Communities?

Microsoft’s $10 billion plan for rural broadband will support a specific technology that holds promise for serving rural America. But communities still need to focus on network ownership, which can determine how broadband gets used in economic development, education, and healthcare.... READ MORE

An Eye Toward Exports

U.S. farmers grow crops with feeding the nation in mind. The promise of exporting is a motivational force for farmer's to produce as much as they can. But domestic farmers face tough competition from countries with export-first strategies. Not to mention the pressure from fluctuating currency values and unfavorable price distortions. Making a go at farming is a hard row to hoe.... READ MORE

Health Care Debate Should Also Focus on the Thousands of Jobs in Indian Country

As it is in other parts of rural America, health care employment is a big part of Indian Country's economy.... READ MORE


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