Dynamic Delta Leaders: Education Is the Key

The Mississippi Delta is often labeled as a region with "the highest rates of everything bad and lowest of everything good." But young leaders who are returning home to the Delta -- or relocating from beyond the region -- have a different vision. And education is the way to achieve it, they say. This is the first installment of a three-part series on young Delta leaders, produced by Delta resident Timothy Lampkin with Winfield Ezell, and Sean Cokes.


The Albion Community Foundation raised around $4 million to restore the historic Bohm Theatre in Albion, Michigan.

Albion College Leaves the Light on for You

A college president in small town Michigan pulled together a team of unlikely partners to save the school and rebuild the community.... READ MORE


Letter from Langdon: Medicare Helps People; What’s So Diabolical About That?

For people who have been on individual health-insurance plans, Medicare is tremendously effective and affordable. So why do some members of Congress want to "improve" it by turning it over to profit-driven corporations?... READ MORE

They're off to the races as the doors open on Black Friday.

Speak Your Piece: Cyber Monday Reconsidered

Marketers portray Cyber Monday as the clean, socially conscious, and “cool” alternative to Black Friday. Are online shoppers really morally superior to those who prefer to – or must – shop in brick-and-mortar stores with other humans?... READ MORE

Photo by Lance Booth.

In the Black: Roof Control

Share This: I was still working on a crew cutting a new slope entrance to the mine. As we cut deeper into the mountain, we went through different strata. When the material changed, our methods for controlling the roof had to change with it. At the beginning of the project, there wasn’t much overhead because we were cutting at a 20 degree angle. What coverage we did have was sandstone, which was as hard as the face of the mine... READ MORE

Caleb Weaver of Borderlands Restoration  works with Patagonia Union High School students in Santa Cruz, Arizona, to dig terraces before installing pollinator plants at the school's pollinator garden.

Arizona Rural High Schools Help Students Identify Paths to Success

Small high schools in Arizona, facing the hurdles of high poverty rates and long distances from universities, have to use all available resources as they try to prepare students for life after senior year.... READ MORE

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack addresses the 2013 National Rural Assembly in Washington, D.C. He is the only Cabinet member to have served both terms in the Obama administration. (Daily Yonder photo by Shawn Poynter)

Q&A with Tom Vilsack: We Should Expect More of Our Government

In making the rounds to promote the open enrollment period of healthcare exchanges, the Ag Secretary also said Americans need to help reverse the “30 years of attacks on government generally.” The secretary also describes the 24-page memo he’s written to whoever succeeds him and his hopes for the continuation of the White House Rural Council.... READ MORE

The percentage of  voters who live in landslide counties (where a candidate won by 20 points or more) has increased from 2004 to 2016. The trend is exaggerated in the biggest cities and the smallest rural areas.  The graph shows the percentage of voters in each county type that live in a landslide county for presidential elections from 2004 to 2016.  (Daily Yonder graphic/Bill Bishop)

Caught in a Landslide — County-Level Voting Shows Increased ‘Sorting’

The election was close, but not at the local level. More voters than ever live in a county where the victorious candidate won by a landslide. It's more evidence that we are sorting ourselves into communities of like-minded Americans.... READ MORE

Photo by Lance Booth.

In the Black: Low-Rent Rendezvous

Mack and Jaybo were like two peas in a pod: boastful and outspoken about their sex lives. So they became best buddies, until they learned they had a little too much in common.... READ MORE


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