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By day, he edits the Daily Yonder. By night, he sings Appalachian folks songs with his wife, Liz. Get Tim & Liz’s Christmas CD as a premium for donating to the Daily Yonder.

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It’s not easy being a journalist these days. That’s why I supplement my income with something a little steadier and more lucrative – performing folk music.

OK, I’m making the lucrative part up. But it is true that my wife, Liz McGeachy, and I perform together as a folk-music duo, Liz & Tim (our marketing department came up with that name, by the way).

We sing Appalachian-inspired songs and other tunes that we like.

My favorite CD we’ve made to date is our Christmas recording, “Love Came Down at Christmas.” It’s intentionally quiet and understated – just two voices and a guitar – to help compensate for hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Mannheim Steamroller this ain’t. There’s a sample on this page.

We’d love to share our recording with you in time for the holidays. Make a $50 donation or more, put “Tim’s CD” in the premium line, and that recording is on its way to your snail-mail inbox. If you’d prefer digital format, we can make that happen, too.

Here’s wishing you a peaceful season.


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