Yonder Campaign: Homemade Cookies

Deliver the taste of homemade chocolate-chip-and-raisin cookies to your holiday celebration with a gift to the Daily Yonder’s fundraiser campaign.


A message from the Rural Assembly

If you live within an hour of Amy’s doorstep, she’ll deliver them to you.  If you live farther away, she’ll wrap them with care and send them along straightaway.

This cookie goodness can be yours for a donation of $75 or more. Just put “Amy’s Cookies” in the premium line when you make your donation online.

If you’d prefer to give over the phone or by check, here’s how.

The only question we have is how many cookies Amy will need to bake to have enough to send 24 of them to another household – always a delicious dilemma with holiday baking.

A message from the Rural Assembly