The Whole World Is Watching Tour


$219.68 Donation.



Guerilla TV pioneer and director of the Media Burn Video Archive
Tom Weinberg will lead you on a walking/riding tour of downtown Chicago
with video interludes. It will include a beer in Buddy Guy’s, a visit
to the statue in Grant Park that was a rallying point for the protestors
at the 1968 Democrat Convention, a stop at what was Studs Terkel’s
favorite hangout (Ricardo’s where WPA murals still adorn the wall), and a
trip to the legendary Billy Goat’s Tavern made famous by the
“cheeseborger, cheeseborger, cheeseborger” skits on Saturday Night
Live.  Al Capone says it is more informative that the architectural
cruise of Chicago, and Frank Lloyd Wright says it is more perilous than
the gangster tour.