Where Can I Get That Shirt?

[imgbelt img=Whitneyshirt.jpg]People have offered us untold amounts of money for a Daily Yonder T-shirt. Now it’s yours for a small donation to the Daily Yonder’s Fifth Anniversary Campaign.


[imgcontainer left] [img:Whitneyshirt.jpg] Yes, you, too, can have a Daily Yonder T-shirt just like the one Whitney is wearing. Just click here and donate.

We have been out in public when complete strangers have come up and asked to buy the shirt off our back. 

It wasn’t just any shirt they wanted. These people were willing to give up obscene amounts of cash for a Daily Yonder “Keep It Rural” T-shirt. (See photo of the National Rural Assembly’s Whitney Coe in one of these bold shirts to the left.)

We are proud to offer this T-shirt to you for a mere $75 donation to the Daily Yonder’s Fifth Anniversary Campaign. Click here for details on how to donate — and to see plenty of other premiums. 

Or click on the button right under the date on the top left of this page. Or call 606-632-3244.

The Daily Yonder has been providing news about rural America for the past five years. Look below. Where else are you going to get analysis of the Farm Bill written by a fifth generation farmer (Richard Oswald) on the same page as a rural accounting of who has health insurance? 

Nowhere else is the answer.

We are now getting into the business of providing rural swag (t-shirts and bandanas) as well as some of the best premiums in the non-profit work. Check out all the good stuff you can get by donating to the Yonder, right here