What it Means that Obama Won Rural Nevada


As the Yonder reported , Barack Obama won the rural vote in Saturday's primary. But why?

The Las Vegas Sun's Alexandra Berzon digs into Obama's appeal in rural Nevada.   "Obama’s strength in rural Nevada speaks to the breadth of his appeal and to his campaign’s organizing efforts in Republican strongholds that Nevada’s Democratic Party has traditionally written off," Berzon wrote. "It also indicates a restlessness among voters in rural Nevada that Democrats will try to tap in future elections, including the November presidential contest."

“The Obama campaign sends a message, because even though he lost the state the rurals really made up so much ground for him,” said Cindy Trigg, a rural organizer for the state Democratic Party. “Now any campaign will know that if you court the rurals you can have a tip in your favor.”

Check out the story for a cool slideshow of a rural caucus, including a quite handsome dog photo.