Weekend Roundup: Rural Stocks Still Lead


great story. “This is the most excitement we’ve ever had in a short period,” said Morehead State Assistant Vice President Bill Redwine, who is also vice chairman of the Rowan County school board.

Unfortunately, Morehead lost Saturday to Richmond, 65 to 48.

Yak, anyone?

Vermont farmers are raising Yak because, apparently, people there will eat anything . Yaks, according to this story, don’t behave, but their meat is lean and filled with protein. 

• Corn prices made “stunning gains” at the end of the week, according to the Des Moines Register’s Dan Piller. The price of corn rose to $6.84 a bushel Friday.

The price was driven up by reports that corn plantings this year fell below the levels needed to make up for short supplies — and a belief that Japan would still be a large buyer of U.S. corn. 

• Instead of fire the messenger, this story is fire the veterinarian.

Dr. Stacey Huntington, a vet based in Springfield, Missouri, had examined 700 horses kept by the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation on farms in Oklahoma, Kentucky, South Carolina and Virginia. Dr. Huntington found that many of them needed urgent care. They were malnourished and neglected, some fatally.

So, the Foundation fired Dr. Huntington. 

The stories here are heartbreaking.