Wednesday Roundup: Looking for GIPSA


according to the Washington Post. The USPS has asked permission to cut service to five days a week, close thousands of post offices and lay off 120,000 workers.

• A new study finds that industrial fishing in the deep sea should be halted because the practice is making areas of the seas a “water desert.” We are fishing out areas much faster than it take the fish to reproduce. 

• CONSOL is selling its gas shale holdings in Ohio, Ken Ward Jr. reports. This comes after the mining company sold its Marcellus Shale reserves in West Virginia. 

• The Carsey Institute has a new survey of residents in two coal mining counties in southeastern Kentucky.

The biggest problem in Letcher and Harlan counties is drugs. The area is the center of an ongoing epidemic of prescription drug addiction. Close behind in concern is employment. 

Poverty is an increasing issue among residents, as is affordable housing. You can get the full report here

Interestingly, people in the community see an increased willingness to “work together,” but there is a big drop-off from 2007 to 2011 in “local government effectiveness.” 

An increasing number of residents want local resources (gas and coal) to be used to spur the local economy.

• The New York Times writes about Llano, Texas, a town that is running out of water.