WaPo Piece Highlights Divide Between Broadband Users, Non-Users


Another member of the team that created the National Broadband Plan under the Obama administration’s FCC says the nation needs to pay more attention to cities, not just rural areas, in efforts to expand the use of broadband.
Blair Levin has a piece in the Washington Post that cites John Horrigan’s analysis that ran in the Daily Yonder about a month ago. https://www.dailyyonder.com/analysis-digital-divide-isnt-just-a-rural-problem/2019/08/14/
(Unfortunately, the headline — which, as everyone should know, is not written by the article’s author — strikes a more stridently metrocentric tone. “Cities, not rural areas, are the real Internet deserts.” It’s a needlessly divisive wording for an issue that ought to be uniting – not dividing – rural and urban America. Ed.) Read more.