Viewfinder: A Dance Hall Comes Full Circle

Jeremy Lange leaves early for his photo assignments so he can drive the back roads and stop to take pictures along the way. Drawn to open space and quiet, he also documented the transformation of his grandfather's Vermont wood-working shop back into a community dance hall. "It would have made my granddad really happy," Lange says.


Jeremy Lange: I grew up in Durham, North Carolina, about a mile or two from where I live now.  I lived in North Carolina until I was 19, then moved to Boston for a couple of years, came back to North Carolina, went to Georgia for a little while, came back to North Carolina, moved to Richmond, Virginia, spent three years going to Virginia Commonwealth University where I got a BFA in photo and film, then me and my now wife moved to Oaxaca, Mexico for six months, then from there we moved to New York for about three years, and ended up back here in Durham in 2007.