Viewfinder: Taking the ‘Southern Route’

[imgbelt img=image1.jpg]Commercial and fine-art photographer Tamara Reynolds exits the main highway to explore the back roads of the South.  


“Viewfinder” is an occasional series on photographers who focus on rural places and themes.

commercial photographer from Nashville, Tennessee.  Reynolds, who applies her unique approach and vision to editorial and advertising assignments for high profile clients in Nashville, Atlanta and beyond also pursues fine art photography on her own. Her series “Southern Route,” explores images of the South, primarily in and around Nashville and the route she drives to Nantahala in North Carolina to see her boyfriend, who works as a river guide.

“I would go to see him and I noticed that immediately outside of Nashville and Chattanooga and Atlanta are areas that most people never see.  So I started getting off the main highway, and stopping because I’d see these wonderful places that were going away.”

The photos in Southern Route are of the people and places Reynolds encounters, and her affection for them shows in her work, eschewing journalistic objectivity in favor of an authentic connection with her subjects.