“That’s my son, Cameron. That picture was made at my dad’s mother in law’s house and they have an inground pool behind their house and in the winter they cover the pool, and inevitably the winter and spring rains will collect on the pool cover and all sorts of critters collect there frogs and toads and the occasional snake. Cameron and I were there and could hear the frogs or toads, so I would let him take the net and scoop a few of them out and check them out. When I made that picture, I didn’t know what it was, but as time has gone on and I’ve looked at it now a lot, there’s just this boyish, childish wonder about the natural world and being able to catch something and observe it then let it go. And he was so impressed with himself that he’d caught it and wanted to show it to me. It was just a nice moment, a nice memory. And I suppose in some way I saw myself in that picture.”