Viewfinder: Katie Currid

Katie Currid’s family moved a lot when she was growing up.  During her adolescence, they settled in Missouri, where Katie stayed through college.  After college and internships, she settled for a spell in Staunton, Virginia, and is now living in Italy, where she continues to take pictures.  In the middle of her move overseas, she spoke with us about the differences between living in a small town as a child and as an adult.


My Life, My Town, which was a multimedia project that The Missourian (the city newspaper) and KBIA (the local NPR affiliate) would work on together and the whole purpose of it was to focus on issues facing rural teens to give this group of people who aren’t often heard from a voice that way.


Bored in Lawson.  I think a big thing when you’re growing up in a small town is the boredom you face.  You talk about how bored you are all the time and you spend a lot of time trying to just find something to do.  So I ended up hanging out with my younger sister and her friends and spent the weekend shooting them, and talking to them about what it’s like to grow up in  a small town.

I wanted to do that story because that was my experience growing up.  I knew what it was like to go cruising on a Saturday night because we didn’t have a movie theatre and the only thing we’d do was go drive around cornfields and meet up with people in fast food parking lots and talk and make up things to do, basically.