Viewfinder: Geoff Brown

Looking for a change in climate from his hometown in Upstate New York, photographer and musician Geoff Brown moved to Nashville. He spends time roaming the Tennessee backroads, hunting pictures.


Geoff Brown:  I was born and raised in a small rural farm town in Upstate New York. It was really like a Mayberry-type town at that time.  I graduated with 98 people in my class and I think half the people in my class had FFA [Future Farmer’s of America] coats that they wore every day to school.  So it was a very rural area, and very beautiful.  I don’t miss it in the winter, but I miss it the rest of the year.


DY: When did you leave Upstate New York?

GB: I went away to college, and then I moved to New York City in 1980 and met a girl there and ended up living there for a decade, so that was a real change of environment for me.  But I loved it.  For a kid in his 20’s, it was a great place to be.  There was so much going on.  I also lived in Alaska for a few years, and then back to Upstate New York before I moved down here to Nashville.


DY: What brought you to Tennessee?

GB: Music.  Change of climate.  I’ve always liked the South, and it’s always been somewhere I wanted to live.  I’m a musician and I didn’t move down here with any illusions of being a successful musician because that’s really hard to do down here, but the cost of living is low and the quality of life is good, and there are lots of cool things to do and see.  My girlfriend and I were tired of the winters back home, so we decided to move down here and that was that.