Urban Votes Lead Romney N.H. Win

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won all across New Hampshire Tuesday, but he did particularly well in urban counties. Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman did better in rural counties than in urban ones.

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Mitt Romney won New Hampshire across the board, taking the lead in urban, rural and exurban counties. But the former Massachusetts governor’s primary victory Tuesday had a decidedly urban flavor.

Romney won 43.5 percent of the urban vote in New Hampshire, but only 39.4 percent of the vote overall.

Romney won 33.7 percent of the vote in New Hampshire’s rural counties.

Both Texas Rep. Ron Paul and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman did well in New Hampshire’s rural counties. Paul won 24.7 percent of the vote in rural counties, while winning 22.8 percent of the vote overall.

Huntsman won 19.1 percent of the rural vote. He won 16.8 percent of the vote overall. Huntsman did better in rural New Hampshire than in either urban or exurban counties.

(Exurban counties are part of larger metropolitan regions, but have a high percentage of their residents living in rural settings. Strafford County is New Hampshire’s only exurban county. It is part of the Boston metropolitan area.)

In New Hampshire, 56.5 percent of the total vote came from urban counties; 36.6 percent of the vote came from rural counties; and 6.9 percent came from exurban counties.

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum did better in exurban counties than in either rural or urban communities. 

Here is how the candidates fared in New Hampshire’s urban counties.

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We simply divided the votes in these charts among rural counties (those that are non-metro, according to the Census); urban counties (those that are metropolitan, according to the Census); and exurban, counties that are part of metro regions, but have a large proportion of residents living in rural settings.  

And below is a comparison of how the candidates polled in exurban New Hampshire.

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