DakotaFire has a good story on a reunion being planned in Orient, South Dakota, for the July 6 7 8 weekend. DakotaFire has an interesting collection of stories from, well, the Dakotas. The picture above is of all but 20 residents of Orient. Offering their welcome here are residents (Back, l r) Alvin Martinmaas, Bob Hansen, Bill Muth, Max Martinmaas, Bill Martinmaas, Joe Pfeifer, Kyle Wangsness, Gary Remmers, Kathy Remmers, Steve Schulte, Skyla Wangsness, Larry Wangsness, Ray Pottebaum, John Hagen and Sam Aesoph. (Center, l r) Cindy Martinmaas, Darci Martinmaas, Amanda Wangsness, Delores Eaton, Abby Clement, Helen McKay, Courtney Edgar, Marlene Wangsness, Beth Edgar, Dean Edgar, Delores Clement, Alex Aesoph, Kelly Aesoph, Anna Aesoph, Otho Eaton, Don Clement and Jody Clement. (Front, l r)  Emma Martinmaas, Micah Martinmaas, Kaitee Schaefers, Robin Young, Robby Young, Rex Young, Matthew Young, Andrew Edgar, Ely Wangsness, Cooper Wangsness, Izzy Aesoph, Jack Aesoph and Brandon Clement.