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People on the Land: Small-Town Car Craze

Across Illinois, communities are organizing “car gatherings” to pull people into town. The events satisfy Americans' obsession with the automobile and offer hopes of cash-register receipts for local businesses.

Analysis: Why Rural Hospitals Are Closing

Revenue for small hospitals is based on how many patients they admit. A new proposal would help rural hospitals get paid for performing other critical health-care services, not just for how many beds they fill. The change is an effort to…

Child Poverty Rate Climbs by One-Third

One in four rural residents under the age of 18 lives in poverty, according to a new study from the USDA Economic Research Service. The figure is even higher in counties that depend on manufacturing  jobs, which eroded during the Great…

What Makes Bonner County Different?

A rural county in the northern panhandle of Idaho has retained its population in spite of long-term economic changes. Manufacturing, amenities that turn tourists into residents, and small businesses have helped the county grow in good times…