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Letter from Langdon: Fear of the Known?

As consumers learn more about the prevalence of the chemical glyphosate, some people want a choice to opt out, even though the manufacturer say it’s completely safe. So why would consumers have any qualms? Ask the cigarette industry.

Rural Hospital Closures Increasing

Money problems are causing a rash of rural hospital closures -- 48 since 2010. Declining reimbursements, especially in states that chose not to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, are the primary culprit, experts say. Could we be…

Rural Suicide Rate for Youth Increases

While the suicide rate for young males in metropolitan areas is declining, the rate is on the increase in many rural counties. As a result, the “suicide gap” between urban and rural is getting wider, a new study shows.

Letter from Langdon: Obamacare Math

As the second year of the health-insurance exchanges gets underway, some folks will see their premiums rise. For an example of an insurance system that works better than our current private plans, take a look at the system many politicians…

Speak Your Piece: Vt. Healthcare Reform

We hear it all the time from rural health advocates: Rural America’s unique attributes of size and scale mean it can be an innovator in health care. Now the state of Vermont -- where six out of 10 residents is rural -- takes the next…