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Rural Kids Less Likely to Use Lunch Program

While more than 70 percent of eligible urban households take advantage of the federal school-lunch nutrition program, the participation rate is 61 percent for eligible rural households and 59 percent for eligible suburban households.

Speak Your Piece: The Rural Advantage

National education policy should encourage rural schools to play to strengths like connection to place, strong community support and using nature as a classroom. A Pennsylvania middle school principal explains how rural settings are an…

School Funding Cuts Hit Harder in Rural

Last year Congress eliminated the Secure Rural Schools program, which helps counties with large amounts of federal land make up some of their tax shortfalls. The cuts will have a disproportionate impact in rural areas, an analysis shows.

Spending Bill Ends Rural School Fund

Since 2000 the federal government has helped counties that relied on the timber industry to make up some of their local education funding. But that program received no money in the end-of-year spending package Congress just approved.

Speak Your Piece: Stories Going Digital

Rural communities and organizations have a lot to gain by adapting their traditional way of telling stories to new platforms. For advocacy, fundraising and community development, digital stories are the way to go, says a national advocate.

The Rural Student Brain Gain

The common wisdom is that rural America’s “best and brightest” want to leave home. New research shows these students are no more likely to want to leave than their counterparts. And when they do go, they have a stronger desire to return.