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By Wayne Myers

Analysis: Why Rural Hospitals Are Closing

Revenue for small hospitals is based on how many patients they admit. A new proposal would help rural hospitals get paid for performing other critical health-care services, not just for how many beds they fill. The change is an effort to help more small hospitals stay in business.

Speak Your Piece: Walk It Off, Folks

If walking were a medicine that came in pill form, you’d beg your doctor for a prescription. Small-town and rural residents need to use their can-do attitude to figure out how to increase the supply of this miracle “drug”…

Want Rural Docs? Just Ask

We know what forecasts whether a medical student will go into family practice or set up shop in a rural community. What we need now are medical school admissions officers who will care to ask the right questions.

Questions to Ask Medical School Deans

The real issue in American medical education is geographic distribution and specialty distribution. It doesn't matter how many doctors you have if they are of the wrong kinds and are in the wrong places — as they have been throughout my 50…