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By Tom Bennett

Speak Your Piece: Turning Bombs into Fuel?

With the 70th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki approaching, the U.S. is wondering what to do with the plutonium it no longer needs for nuclear weapons. The U.S. Department of Energy would like to convert it for use…

Speak Your Piece: The Bill of Wrongs

An early draft of the Bill of Rights gets written in stone, literally, in two North Carolina public monuments. The result is a confusing mixture of 12 proposed amendments that enshrine both the hallmarks of American liberties and historical…

Speak Your Piece: Rescued by the Cherokee?

In 1837 the federal government began the forced expulsion of the Cherokee people from North Carolina. Now the counties in the western end of the state are hoping the tribe can save some counties that have faltering economies.