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Analysis: Ranching’s Image Gets a Reboot

For the beef industry, the best defense may be a good offense. The industry comes out shooting with its “Rethink the ranch” campaign. A veteran of the small-farm movement and a communications professional discuss the new National Cattlemen’s Beef Association marketing campaign, funded by the federal checkoff program.

Farm Policy Made the Republic: Now What?

With the current status of the faltering farm bill, it’s easy to lose sight of the significant role U.S. agriculture policy has played in creating the United States as we know it today. Ag policy researchers Daryll E. Ray and Harwood D.…

Grants to Rural CDCs Rise Slightly

Foundation grants to groups in two rural development networks rose modestly since 2006, the year Sen. Max Baucus issued his challenge to double rural philanthropy. These findings will be part of a larger presentation on the state of rural…