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By Shawn Poynter

Viewfinder: Peter Crabtree

In 2015, photographer Peter Crabtree drove coast-to-coast-to-coast, documenting an institution that lies at the heart of many -- if not most -- small cities: the small-town newspaper. He came home with a portfolio full of these unique places and the characters that inhabit them.

Viewfinder: Alyssa Schukar

Alyssa Schukar is a Chicago-based photojournalist and teacher. In the past few weeks, she has photographed the people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota for Yahoo News and the New York Times. Her documentary pictures from…

Project Report: Those Who Remain

In the 1940s, two waves of mass deportations were carried out in Moldova by Joseph Stalin, forcing more than 50,000 citizens to relocate to places like Siberia and Kazakhstan. Now, nearly seven decades later, their stories are being told.

Viewfinder: Ted Wathen

Ted Wathen was part of a photography team that toured Kentucky in the mid-1970s and documented life in each of the state’s 120 counties. Forty years later, he's returning to rural Kentucky to take the measure of change and continuity.

How Big is Your Bubble?

The author of The Bell Curve has written a quiz that determines, to the best of his thinking, if you live in a class bubble. But do the results hold up for folks living in small towns. Take the quiz and let us know what you think.