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By Shawn Poynter

Viewfinder: Rachel Boillot

Rachel Boillot is a New York photographer who has, for now, adopted east Tennessee as home. She tells the Yonder about rural post offices, old time hill music, and having a song written about her by a flea market troubadour.

Clutter Is Relative

A man at work behind a desk stacked with papers, staring at a computer monitor. Peter Crabtree takes us inside the den of a newspaper editor and renaissance writer in a Californian desert city.

Newsprint: Ink Stains and Goss Presses

Photographer Peter Crabtree takes us into the belly of the to get a look at how the Hi-Desert Star newspaper is printed. This is the latest installment of Peter's series "Newsprint," featuring photos from small town…

Learning the Law and the Land

Law student Hannah Catt spent last summer interning in Farmington, New Mexico, thousands of miles away from her university in Maryland, helping her host organization work with locals on housing and domestic abuse issues.