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By Abrahm Lustgarten

Wyoming Gas Deal Off after Pollution Found

Residents near Pavillion, Wyoming, have been saying for years that natural gas drilling in the area has ruined ground water supplies. The EPA recently found carcinogens in well water in the area. Now, a Texas company has cancelled a deal…

EPA Finds Wyoming Aquifer Contamination

Residents near Pavillion, Wyoming, have complained for years that hydraulic fracturing, the technique used to extract gas from shale formations, has tainted groundwater supplies. The federal Environmental Protection Agency has now found…

Fracking Study Excludes Wyoming

Many of the problems first found with shale gas production came to light in Wyoming, and some of the first research on hydrofracking in shale gas formations was done there. But Wyoming is not included in EPA's national study of the issue.

Water, Gas Drilling and Louis Meeks

ProPublica/Abrahm Lustgarten Editor's Note: ProPublica's Abrahm Lustgarten has covered the ongoing story of the environmental effects of natural gas drilling like no other reporter. In this long piece, Lustgarten tells how a determined…

Natural Gas’s Climate Benefits Questioned

The United States is poised to bet its energy future on natural gas as a clean, plentiful fuel that can supplant coal and oil. But new research by the Environmental Protection Agency—and a growing understanding of the pollution associated…