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A message from the Rural Assembly

The Daily Yonder’s Fifth Anniversary Campaign continues this week. We’re out rattling the tin cup, looking for money to support this all-rural, all-the-time news source. Click on the “Support the Yonder” button (red) to your left and give.

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When you give, you will receive. We have a wonderful list of premiums. You can see them all here. T-shirts, tours, bandanas…we have ’em all.

Today’s featured premium is a half-day tour of the Frederick Law Olmsted parks of Louisville, Kentucky, with perennial plant guru Allen Bush. 

Olmsted designed Central Park and the U.S. Capitol Grounds, and he also created an incredible park system in Louisville. 

And nobody would be better than Allen — an internationally-known plant specialist — as a guide. To end the day, enjoy a meal with Allen on East Market Street. All part of the $200 package.

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A message from the Rural Assembly