Standing With Those Who’ve Gone Without

[imgbelt img=sandy-del-monte380.jpg]Community centers and food banks, like the Sandy Community Action Center, Sandy, Oregon, work on the front lines of today’s economic recovery. And they need support.


Sandy Community Action Center dispenses food and support to a growing list of at risk families in northwest Clackamas County. The center has served over 6200 people and currently has over 500 clients. They include 148 families with children, 58 elderly people, 149 single parents with children, and 72 homeless people.

At present, the center obtains most of its food from the The Oregon Food Bank, an organization that divides and dispenses specified amounts of stores to 915 agencies throughout the state and in Clark County, Washington.  Beyond this, Action Center finds local stores that agree to donate outdated or day old items, including bread, pastries, dairy, produce, and deli goods (and, in the case of Starbucks, pastries and coffee).

Guiding the Action Center, Rita Ezard has forged a way through times of need and plenty since 1994. Then, she was looking for a job when her husband came home with an application from the Action Center. He had been there looking for a lamp at the center’s thrift store. She filled in the form and set it out of her mind while pursuing a teaching position. To her surprise, the office called and offered her the job to which she replied, “No thanks.” Not to be turned down, they called again to ask if she would just come for the summer. Ezard agreed and…well, she’s still there, fifteen years later.