Rural Stocks Blast Through 2010

[imgbelt img=Yonder402010end.jpg]The Dow Industrials had a good year. But nobody had a better year on Wall Street than the stock index made up of companies doing business in rural America, the Daily Yonder 40.


predicted that investors may have tired of coal and will be more interested in cleaner energy investments. 

Food companies have vowed to increase their prices in 2011, which they hope will rebound their fortunes. ConAgra has had lower profits largely because it has been discounting its products.

Equipment sales continue to look strong as the world concentrates on increasing food production. The Northwest is increasing its exports of wood products to China, providing the raw material for that country’s construction boom. (That should help DY 40 member Plum Creek, a large timberland owner.)

There is some talk among Republicans of selling off the Tennessee Valley Authority, the New Deal power generator. That could shake up the moribund utilities market.

Predictions, of course, are generally wrong!