Rural by Choice: Maria Sykes

A one-week summer vacation to southeast Utah led to a new home for architect Maria Sykes, who has spent five years and counting in Green River – “a place where the stars shine bold and close.” 


A message from the Rural Assembly

Another benefit of living here is that the local government is very transparent. If I have a problem with a local policy, I go directly to the mayor or City Council; they listen. It’s empowering to have a voice and be heard (most of the time).

I also choose to live here for the access to pristine wilderness. Not only am I close to the arguably best National Parks in the country, but also I’m adjacent to all the unknown locals-only spots. The things I can see by only driving 15-30 minutes from my house are incredible! You’d be amazed.

Also, even though I’m 50 miles from the next town (pop. ~10,000), my town is well connected. Green River is situated on the Green River, which connects to the Colorado River before entering the Grand Canyon. My town sits on Interstate 70; I can be in Vegas or Denver within 5.5 hours. Plus, there’s an Amtrak stop in Green River that sits on the San Francisco to Chicago line. We’re isolated out here, but surprisingly connected.

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A message from the Rural Assembly