Romney Wins Cities, Rural and Florida

[imgbelt img=2012FLPrimaryRural.jpg]Mitt Romney won the urban and the rural vote, but he lost in Florida’s exurbs. The former Massachusetts governor continues to do best in the cities.


The largest difference in the vote came with exurban voters. Gingrich won the exurban vote in Florida, with 42.2% of the vote. Romney won only 33.9% of the vote in exurban counties.

(Exurban counties lie on the edges of metropolitan areas. They are part of metro regions, according to the U.S. Census, but nearly half of their residents live in rural settings. People in exurban counties largely work in urban counties, but then drive home to the outskirts of metro regions in the evening. Rural counties in this analysis are nonmetropolitan according to the Census. Urban counties are metro. In Florida, 91.3 percent of Republican votes were urban; 7.4 percent were rural and 1.3 percent were exurban.)

Romney’s third best showing came in Sumter County, a rural retirement county in Central Florida north of Orlando. Romney held a rally at The Villages, a retirement community, on the night before the election where he led a chorus of America the Beautiful.

Sumter has the highest percentage of Social Security recipients in the nation, with 55 percent of the population receiving some kind of Social Security benefit.

Romney won 56.8 percent of the vote in Sumter County.

Romney continues to do best in the cities. His largest percentages in all the primaries have come from urban voters.

Here is how the top four candidates fared among rural voters.


Below are the results among exurban voters.


Below are the results in the Florida primary among urban voters.