Representing Rural in State Legislatures

[imgbelt img=CO_house_district65.jpg] As the percentage of Americans who live in rural areas declines, rural legislators worry about the attention their issues are receiving. In the long run, they say, taking care of rural communities helps support cities, too.


A message from the Rural Assembly

Sonnenberg believes these numbers deserve more attention. “Agriculture is the state’s second-largest industry. It makes it hard for me to understand why [urban dwellers] don’t realize the issues that matter to people out here are so important.”

Rural Concerns

Sonnenberg ticks off a litany of issues crucial not just to Colorado farmers, but many rural regions.

Water: “The No. 1 issue out here in eastern Colorado is always water. As people move to the Front Range and cities need more water, there’s only one place for them to get it and that’s from agriculture. Until we figure out how to store water so both the city and agriculture can have the water they need, we’re headed down a path I think will hurt rural Colorado.”

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A message from the Rural Assembly