We know rural America voted Republican in 2012. The final tally had Barack Obama winning just 39 percent of the vote in rural counties. Mitt Romney had more than 58 percent. 

The Romney advantage was slightly higher in exurban counties — counties that are part of metropolitan regions but have a large proportion of people living in rural settings.

Here is how the vote in rural and exurban counties looks on a map. Blue counties went Democratic; red counties are Republican. Dark red counties had Republican landslide wins, where Romney won more than 55 percent of the vote. Dark blue counties were landslide Democratic.

More than seven out of ten rural and exurban counties were landslide Republican counties.

Only a little more than 15 percent voted Democratic in 2012. 

You can do your own reporting here. Note the Democratic counties in the southern “black belt” counties and in the more Hispanic counties of Texas and the Southwest. Also, Democrats have a strong hold in New England and the upper Midwest. 

The rest was staunchly Republican.

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