As Power Plants Grow, So Does Opposition


wise county

The newspaper in Bristol, Virginia, is fighting the construction of a coal-fired power plant in nearby Wise County. (Picture above shows plant site.) The opposition of the Bristol Herald to Dominion Power's plant is one of what will likely be dozens of battles between and power companies planning to build new plants in rural areas.


The Herald notes that Dominion will use the latest anti-pollution technology, which is fine. But the plant will still pollute and, according to the paper's editorial, "Dominion has failed to prove that the new plant will not further degrade the region's air quality."

Mostly, however, the Herald notes that the "region will live with the consequences but reap few rewards. The plant will provide a bit of an economic boost, but many of the jobs created will be temporary construction work. And Dominion almost certainly received state and local incentives to build the plant in Wise County. Such governmental gift-giving further reduces any economic benefits."