The Opportunities Now in Rural America

[imgbelt img=cheerleaders.jpg]It’s said that people don’t want to move to rural America. This author
knows that’s not true but concedes there are obstacles in moving people
where rural opportunities are available.


Andrew Jackson Higgins, was born in Columbus. We have a memorial to him and a tribute to his creation.
Locally, the Chamber of Commerce partnered on “Education in Industry Day,” which brought EVERY middle-school and high-school teacher in Columbus into a business and industry for a morning. These teachers got to see first-hand the realities in today’s business and manufacturing world.  

In both these instances, teachers of math and English and P.E. — all subjects — are finding great value in lesson plans that incorporate real-world realities, and at the same time, they are building awareness of great careers in Nebraska!

This is a beginning.  Some of our attempts have succeeded; others have not.  

We do know that there are things our region can’t do alone. They require a national or at least statewide approach.  Let’s get that conversation started and put more people to work in small-town America!

K.C. Belitz is president of the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce.