One Town Takes On Global Warming


The city of Keene, tucked away behind the low hills of far southwestern New Hampshire, has embarked on a incredible, town-wide environmental campaign. The Boston Globe tells us how the citizens of Keene are attempting, as the town's city planner puts it, "to make (environmentalism) part of the fabric of the city."

Keene's efforts began with the election of Michael E. J. Blastos as mayor. Now 75, Mayor Blastros says he "wanted to do something about" global warming. "I saw my kids' future in it," the mayor said.

So the town pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. It fuels its 78-vehicle city fleet with biodiesel. It's switched out its traffic lights to high-efficiency bulbs. It heats one city building with geotermal energy. The city has passed a no-idling ordinance (tough to enforce in a New England winter).

"We are saying one tiny community in southwest New Hampshire can make a difference," John A. MacLean, Keene's city manager, told the Globe.