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Ranchers and farmers are already seeing the effects of having a new boss in Washington, D.C. On his first day on the job, President Barack Obama held up regulations that would govern COOL, the Country of Origin Labeling system. Farmers and ranchers have long wanted labels that would tell consumers where their food was produced. The Bush Administration issued rules governing COOL, but many grower groups found them to be weak.

Obama froze several pending regulations issued by Bush in his last days in office. One suspended rule would have made it easier for factories and refineries to expand without applying for a new pollution permit. Another rule would have removed gray wolves in the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes from the endangered species list.

As for COOL, Bloomberg reports: “The freeze also halts an Agriculture Department rule that sets requirements for country of origin labeling on meat and other perishable food items. Opponents of the measure said the Bush rule would let meat produced in a domestic facility that also processes animals from abroad carry a multicountry designation, blurring the distinctions between U.S. and imported me