Obama, Clinton Fight for Rural Ohio Vote


The Clinton campaign is playing "Sweet Home Alabama" at rallies in southeast Ohio — along with some Springsteen, Mellencamp and SRV. That tells Newsday reporter Glenn Thrush that Sen. Clinton is on the hunt for the vote of the white working man, who has until now eluded her. (Photo is of a Clinton rally in Youngstown.)

"Clinton's aides believe that a substantial number of undecided voters — who now make up 8 to 10 percent of those eligible to vote in the Democratic primary — are working-class white men," Thrush wrote.

"To say the campaign is exclusively targeting that group is going too far — the majority of the enthusiastic crowds greeting her in Westerville, Youngstown and Akron yesterday were women. But her campaign sees a real opportunity to pick up undecided white male voters in the Appalachian eastern part of the state, rural western counties and rust belt towns in the north."