Nebraska Lesson: Don’t Bother Bidding Against Ted Turner


ted turner

What's Ted Turner up to?

The billionaire has recently bought even more of Nebraska, 26,300 acres at auction for nearly $10 million. He's now the largest private landowner in the country, owning parcels in 11 states. What are the theories for why Turner is cornering property in the Great Plains? The AP reports that some think Turner is buying land over the Ogallala Aquifer, a power grab through the water supply. Or, he's teaming up with the black helicopter boys and plans to turn over his land to the United Nations.

Turner said he's rancher. (He's got 45,000 buffalo and buffalo-serving restaurants. See above.) But others worry that Turner is bidding up land prices and increasing the rapid consolidation of land in the West, making it tough for young people to get into the business.