Monday Roundup: Broadband Loans Axed


tremendous series working. He’s been driving around Minnesota, criss-crossing the state, stopping at small towns and talking to young people about what they see for themselves, their communities and the future. Guntzel writes:

She said most of her friends who left Hibbing are back home: 

I would be content if I came back or if I didn’t. It’s a really nice place to raise kids. There’s not a lot of crime. I’m glad I grew up here. In high school it stunk because I was so fed up with having nothing to do. I thought I hated Hibbing – I couldn’t wait to graduate and get out of here. But then I graduated and I’m still here, and Hibbing’s not bad anymore. It was just high school that was lame.

There’s lots more good stuff, and a Facebook page here. We plan to keep up with Jeff’s ambitious and exciting project.

• Higher food prices “will tip more countries into turmoil in circumstances in which it will be extremely difficult for present and emerging regimes to meet the expectation of their people,” Monty Jones, a plant breeder in Africa and World Food Prize winner in 2005 told Philip Brasher of the Des Moines Register. 

Brasher hears from several former World Food Prize winners, who all tell him that the U.S. needs to help small farmers in these poor countries to increase their production. Brasher runs excerpts from interviews.

• Lots of disaster news today, from floods in North Dakota to fires in West Texas.