Pioneering Health, ‘Woman with Woman’

[imgbelt img=delivery530.jpg]Trained for the Frontier Nursing Service, pioneering women combined their skills with longstanding home health practices in the mountains, birthing and healing.


Frontier Nursing Service (FNS) and what is now Frontier Nursing University (formerly the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing) in its partial, previous role as a feeder program for the FNS and its continued and current role as an accredited and internationally known program for the training and certification of nurse midwives and family nurse practitioners to underserved communities around the world.

The stories recounted in this book were collected by Frontier Nursing University students through the Pioneer Project, which began in 2006.  Students collected the stories of FNS nurses and early graduates of the Frontier School to develop an appreciation for and a deeper grasp of the school’s history and enduring legacy.  Cockerham and Keeling began compiling the stories into book form in 2010.  It seems the primary reading audience for the book is past and present FSMFN/FNU students and those interested in the history of the school.  The book has a very nostalgic feel, and each chapter, chronicling a different decade,  stands up well on its own, so that readers can easily delve into their own eras at the school.

Birth True.


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