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We picked up the papers this morning and from front to back the news was about the new president. The stories reminded us of a Letter From Langdon the Yonder published nearly a year ago. It was headlined, “Tree of Life” and it was written by our farmer/correspondent Richard Oswald. The full text is here.

We are at a time of renewal for the country. It happens every four years and it’s good to remember that in 2000, there was a similar sense of beginning again after a tough time. Richard’s story is about the time when a new leader takes over during a time of depression and renews the nation’s “tree of life.” He wrote:

“Behold the blossom at the top of the Tree. The Freedom Tree will bear new fruit, a new crop, but not just for me. It will grow on the tree for everyone. We will not pick this fruit, but will watch it and nurture it, and I will guard it with my life. I ask that all of you do the same, because this single blossom is special, and will bring forth sweet new fruits of Freedom, enough for everyo