Life Expectancy for Rural Men

[imgbelt img=MaleLE2009528.jpg]In most of rural America, men live shorter lives than the national average.


[imgcontainer] [img:MaleLE2009528.jpg] [source]Census/Daily Yonder

Counties in dark green have male life expectancy that exceeds the national average of 76.2 years of age. Click on the map to see a much larger version.

Men in most rural and exurban counties lives shorter lives, on average, than do men in the nation as a whole.

The average age at death of a man in the United States was 76.2 years in 2009, the latest data available. In the map above, only the rural and exurban counties in dark green reported male longevity that exceeded the national average.

Click on the map to see a much larger version.

Good news for men in Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Utah. Not so good news for most of the South.

A total of 482 rural and exurban counties had male longevity rates above the national average. In nearly 1,200 counties, however, the average age at death of men in 2009 was under 75 years of age. Those are the counties in purple. Counties in dark purple had longevity rates of under 72 years of age.

(Rural counties are considered non-metropolitan by the Census. Exurban counties here are metropolitan counties where about half the population lives in a rural setting.)

Here are the 50 rural counties with the longest surviving men. Many of these counties are resort or ski counties in the Mountain West.


And here are the 50 rural counties (and ties) with the lowest male life expectancy in 2009. The counties here are mostly in the Delta and in the coal regions of Southern Appalachia.