Letter from Langdon: Tractor Day!

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This is National FFA week.  

FFA chapters in 50 states celebrate the organization that started out as the Future Farmers of America. As the number of farms have declined, it became just FFA. Future Farmers no longer seemed an appropriate title for a group made up of many people who aren’t directly connected to production agriculture.

So, for most, it’s just FFA.

Wednesday was “Tractor Day” in many rural communities. It’s a time when farm boys and girls polish their favorite tractor and parade down the main street, as happened in Rock Port, Missouri. (See above and on the jump.) 

Later on, elementary school classes will visit parking lots or fairgrounds to view farm equipment up close and learn about how our food and energy crops are grown.

Good education and a heck of a lot of fun.

Richard Oswald
After the parade, school children can visit the lot where the tractors are parked and learn something about how food gets on to the plate.


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