Letter from Langdon: The NFU

[imgbelt img=nfulogo.gif]We argue, we fuss, we eventually find the way we think is best for the country’s farmers. Yep, just another National Farmers Union convention.


Nebraska Farmers Union

It helps to know where you came from. Here’s the Nebraska NFU convention of 1941, meeting at the Hotel Roma in Omaha.

Three blue stars represent points of the triangle. Below and to the right are rolling fields of grain or, (you be the judge) maybe ocean waves above New England fishing grounds. NFU members aren’t just tillers of the earth. We are fishermen, cranberry growers, farm to market growers, dairymen, ranchers, hog breeders, and more. 

Still, when we honor our best “Feeding America” types like Howard Buffett; or Dr. Mary Hendrickson (who both promotes farm-to-market selling and fights market concentration); or longtime NFU stalwart Odean Olson, the Meritorious Service award they receive is a basic design, a replica of a horse drawn plow atop a walnut pedestal to remind us that in order to know where we’re going we must know where it is we came from. 

Generations later, for descendants of sod busting immigrants, or multi-generational New England fishermen, the work of filling empty bellies continues. 

Ours is an old job with modern ties to the future.

We’re National Farmers Union…United to Grow Family Agriculture.

Richard Oswald is the president of the NFU chapter in Missouri.