Letter From Langdon: Farm Aid Family

[imgbelt img=farmaid1.jpg]Food has a way of bringing people together. They came together again last weekend at Farm Aid in Kansas City.


Rural Advancement Foundation International), WORC (Western Organization of Resource Councils), and NFFC (National Family Farm Coalition). Business sponsors include Horizon Organic, Organic Valley, Silk Soymilk, United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), Whole Foods Market, Goodness Greeness and Hippie Chow. There were demonstrations about how real people can grow and prepare real food, and games to let folks learn just how hard it is to be a farmer. 

Harvest Public Media was taking names and food stories for National Public Radio while other newsers prowled the fairground looking for the low down. And, of course the big dog of blog reporting was there, the Daily Yonder. But I didn’t take notes. It was more fun just to take mental picture, and look and listen to all the people, and the things that were happening.  

By 6:00 the place was full and the crowd rockin’. Like most big gatherings there has to be some law and order. Police were there, too. What I saw them do mostly was just stand around and talk. They did escort a couple of young guys away who were having a pretty minor disagreement. My guess is there’s zero tolerance for that when Farm Aid comes to town.