Just a Few More Days in DY’s Campaign

[imgbelt img=KPC.jpeg]The Daily Yonder Fifth Anniversary Campaign is coming to an end. Don’t miss your chance to pick up one of our great premiums, including a tennis match with a star.



A message from the Rural Assembly

For $250, you will get a lesson, a doubles game with Katharine and some other championship-caliber players and what she describes as a “championship fleece blanket.” We have no idea what that might but we’re sure it will be, er, fleecy.

Hurry, because the Fifth Anniversary Campaign for the DY is about to end. And if tennis isn’t your game, check out all the other great premiums. Click on the ‘Support the Yonder’ button or click here to see all the cool stuff we have available.

We’re really close to our goal, by the way. Just a little bit more and we’ve made it.


A message from the Rural Assembly