I’m Keeping This Pig

[imgbelt img=kelleypignose530.jpg]One ‘serious runt’ has changed Kelley Snowden’s diet and a whole lot more.


took all the dog toys and rooted and ratted them. He chewed on my feet. He slept in my lap. He followed me everywhere. We started taking him outside on a harness so he could get some sunshine. He was afraid of dirt and grass and only felt comfortable on concrete. It took us awhile to convince him that grass was a good thing. We took more pictures and video of him than most parents do of their children. Our friends and the farm manager became increasingly convinced that we had gone crazy: no sane person ever kept a pet pig. Even my mother was horrified and recounted stories about the family in her hometown that had had a pet pig; they were the worst kind of muggles, she said, and everyone avoided them like the plague.

on You-Tube. I posted videos of him and they were viewed by people all over the world. He has a group of fans in Canada. When I took his videos down his Canadian fans were upset so we made a CD and sent it to them. We also sent the CD out with every Christmas card this year so no one would feel neglected. As a result one of our friends told us that we are “pig obsessed,” but I notice she watched the CD and enjoyed it, so she needs to shut up.

For Nugent’s sake we no longer eat pork. We tried, telling ourselves that it was a “bad pig,” and nobody we knew, but you know there isn’t any such thing as bad pig. Our friends in Canada have given up pork as well. They just can’t justify it after seeing how smart and funny pigs really are.

In addition to turning us all inadvertently Kosher, Nugent inspired me to learn more about hog farming. I made a movie on commercial hog farming for my students, explaining the confinement model, its advantages and disadvantages. I posted it to You-Tube, and while not as highly viewed as Nugent’s baby videos, it was used in the Philippines and Europe to teach people about hog farming.