Huckabee Snatches West Virginia from Romney

WV GOP primary thumb

Mike Huckabee, an also-ran since the Iowa caucuses, won West Virginia's Republican Convention today, the first clear victory of Super Tuesday. Huckabee picks up 18 delegates, having received more than 50% of the vote in the second round of balloting at Charleston's Civic Center.

"These are the juvenile actions of a morally bankrupt campaign," said John McCutcheon, a supporter of Mitt Romney. Romney had led in the first vote, winning 41% over Huckabee's 33%. John McCain, thought to be the national front-runner, drew only 15% and Ron Paul 10%. According to convention rules, Paul was eliminated from the second round of voting and nearly all McCain's support lined up with Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor.

"The best scenario for the McCain campaign was to not have a Romney victory here today," Gary Abernathy, a McCain supporter, told the Charleston Gazette. "This is raw politics," remarked CNN political analyist Bill Schneider (presumably with a grin).