Home Again: I Vowed I Wouldn’t Marry a Farmer

[imgbelt img=emmer_fromtruck528.jpg]The last thing I wanted to do was to marry a farmer. I was a farm girl. I knew better. Besides, I had a career. The farm was going back, giving up. And then…


A message from the Rural Assembly

After my parents’ divorce, I went about my early journalism career and lived the life of a 20-something professional. I even found the perfect guy: a super smart, artistic graduate student. We fell in love. 

Then, he told me he wanted to farm. 

Jacob promised our way would be different. The kind of farming he was inspired by would work – for the bottom line, for our community, for the land, and for us. We would not repeat my family’s story. 

And although I, too, was beginning to be inspired at the time by the energy I saw building around food and farming, specifically within the local food movement and sustainable agriculture, I was skeptical. 

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A message from the Rural Assembly